A Course on Crushing it in the Senior Photography Portrait World.

This 4 week course begins April 8th, 2019!


It's time.

You've been waiting to take the leap... to really dive into your niche... take your senior portrait business to the next level.  But you're overwhelmed with exactly how to get there.

Why do most Senior Portrait Photographers struggle making a full time income?

  • They don't know who their IDEAL client is... and they struggle with MARKETING to get those dream clients.

  • They don't feel CONFIDENT enough to charge what they're worth.

  • They don't know how to BUILD their TRIBE... their FOLLOWING.

  • They don't know how to PRICE THEMSELVES & how to SELL.

  • They don't have the budget to invest in their business.

  • They want to go FULL TIME, but they are SCARED to take the leap.

Hi! I'm Tracy Moore.

Troublemaker. Speaker. Photographer. Business coach/strategist. Photography mentor. Caffeine Addict.

I built my dream business - a multiple 6-figure photography studio shooting High School Senior Girls.  I went from having an idea, to becoming the breadwinner and sole provider for my family of four.

I've helped hundreds of women learn all about photography from taking better pictures of their kids... to starting their business... to being a mentor themselves!

It's my PASSION to help photographers like you take their business to the next level and grow their confidence so they can do what they were meant to do and BE who they were MEANT TO BE.

In this high touch, intense course... you'll work LIVE with me and I'll show you:

  • How I quit my sales job and created my dream business making a multiple 6-figure income.
  • The secrets to market to your ideal client and make them clients for life. (ideas you can implement TODAY)
  • How to build the confidence you need to charge more.
  • How to price (& sell) yourself.
  • How to build your Tribe. These people will be your biggest fans and tell all their friends about you.
  • How to build a crazy successful career that you LOVE and are excited about every single day.

    I'm holding nothing back.

    Get ready to learn some incredible tools, tips and tricks to build your dream business.

Bonus! You'll also get:

A 30 minute one-on-one coaching call with me before the course to go over your goals so I can cater the course specifically to you! (Value: $300)


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Are you frustrated with the lack of growth in your business?

I've been there. But with the knowledge & lessons I have learned from a decade of workshops, mentoring, books and events with a wealth of information, I learned the tricks of the trade and I want to teach them to you!

Sloths are cute...
but we will move much faster.

You may be moving at a sloth's pace with your goals. Well, I'm here to help you create tangible action steps to get those tasks accomplished and build your dream business. In this 4 week course, we will dive into your business and make some big changes. I know it's scary, but I GOT YOU.

Are you scared to invest in your education?

I get it. We all have our budgets. But I promise you, you're worth it. This is worth it. I have invested at least $30,000 over the last 10 years in my education, and EVERY TIME I invest in myself, I make it back ten-fold. BET ON YOURSELF... you're not going to lose.

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"This was a game changer for me! I feel Tracy pushed me so hard on finding my authentic brand and didn’t give up on me until it was so true to who I am. She gave me that push to really pursue my dreams and slay! The course was so wonderful because I could ask questions for hours and Tracy was there with a well thought out answer. My season hasn’t started yet but I am so proud of the business that Tracy helped me create that I feel like I am beaming with confidence. It whipped my business into shape! I feel like my business is now is so much more organized to make sure that I am there the moment someone inquires, then I have confidence when I actually shoot, all the way to ordering and delivering prints!"

- Leanna Joy Photography


"Being a part of Tracy’s Senior Photographer course was so encouraging and educational! I joined this class not knowing if I wanted to make my speciality seniors but I learned so much about the way her business functions I’m so glad I took a step out to learn from her! This is also the first time I’ve actually enjoyed being assigned homework! I mean I’ve been planning to get my website updated for months and a couple of weeks into the course I had it up and running with a working email! The investment was so worth it for me, and I know it will be for anyone else. It’s scary to spend money yourself but it’s so worth it when you can grow in your business!

- Kelsey Wagner


"If you know in your heart and soul that you are made for more and that fire inside of you is ready to take action, then you are seriously in the right place. You’ve found your start. Tracy Moore is your girl to help not only kick start your journey, but to help you find your voice.

I mentored with Tracy in 2016 for four months and when I say it changed everything, I mean literally, everything. My voice went from a dull hum to a load roar and holy buckets did my personality surface. Finding your niche is finding yourself, absolutely. Hire Tracy, do the work, and enjoy as your life truly changes forever.

As they say, the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away. Work alongside Tracy, and your gift will truly help you work happily ever after as you change the world and smile doing it. "

- April Sky Photography


"The best take away from this course I think were the practical tools, the contracts, the structure of how you lay out the booking to shooting and all things in between. It helped me create a foundation to build upon. Thank you so much for being so open, for cheering us all on, for believing in us and sharing all that you have learned over the years. It's priceless."

- Allie Harrington


Best part for me was not only all the great advice and tips but also having a “safe place” to ask questions and advice from others in the group too. Honestly I have never felt I had a place like this as a photographer and loved it. This course encouraged me to want to try new things with my business and gain my confidence back that there were others out there encouraging me. I can’t remember the exact quote (wish I did) from Tracy but it was something about Its ok for more than one person to be good at the same thing you just have to find a way to make it your own. Also something about we need to encourage =each other not tear each other down. Don’t know why that advice struck me so hard but as a photographer sometime you do need encouragement from others in your field.

- Katie Ericksen


This course will be $1,000 after this 2.0 version + your bonus call - that's a $1,300 value for only $495!  Jump on it, guys... This 4 week course starts April 8.  Registration ends 4/07 at 11:11pm (MST)



Frequently Asked Questions

No. This course works for people that have recently started their photography journey or photographers years in if they are wanting to learn how to grow/build a unique senior portrait brand where they can make an awesome income while making a huge impact.

We start April 1st, 2019. 

The course will run for 4 weeks!

Invest In Your Education!

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." -George Washington Carver


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